… there was a boy called

Once upon a time…

there was a boy called T and a

girl called L.

They had a lovely time at Log Jam. Cooking on the fire,

listening to the birds and nature, and chilling on the comfy


It was in this Log Jam that L discovered making potato cakes. The first night they had yummy sausage and mash and they had leftover mash so L made them into mash patties

which she then fired the next day with an egg.

Fried not fired 😉

although you could fire them I guess…

They both loved the friendly hosts and their wonderful dogs.

and really enjoyed relaxing in the beautiful place they had created.

L made a plant hanger as a thank you, as you can see

hanging to your left

the plant is there as an example so feel free to use it as you wish

hank you to you both we had a lovely time

THE END … for now xx

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