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A sticky situation

Terry Trolley was excited for his trip to the beach. His companions, Brady and Tux, had brought along their doggy bags full of toys, balls and of course their cream tea and jam.

It was a very hot day and the path to the beach was full of wobbly stones, piping hot sand and puddles of melted ice cream.

The anticipation of playing in the cold water with Jerry Jellyfish was too much. Brady and Tux could no longer contain their excitement, leaping and woofing, they caused Terry to wobble and tipple over trapping his wheel beneath a rock.

Mr Babs’ strawberry jam leaked and oozed all over Terry’s tyre, he was stuck solid, metres from the beach. Brady and Tux knew Jerry Jellyfish would help clean him up, they just needed to lick away enough of the jam to drag him to the ocean. Once in the water, Jerry used his tentacles to clean Terry’s wheels. Luckily there was enough jam left for a yummy cream tea for them all to share.

As the sun began to set, they said their goodbyes to Jerry and headed for home. It had been a fun and exhausting day. The trio were welcomed home by Rory Roundhouse, Logan Log Jam and Freddie Fire, where they enjoyed an evening feast and told tales of their adventurous day.

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