A special place in our hearts

This magical safe haven will always have a special place in our hearts. You both are so welcoming, so kind and so caring, a rarity to find in this world and it will never be taken for granted!

Your attention to every little detail is unbelievable and can never go unnoticed. K is still wondering how the staircase works! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Little M & hopefully we get to experience it along the way!

See you soon!

Places to go:
1 St Michael’s Mount (watch the tides!)
2 Healeys Cider Farm (get a taxi!)
3 Bodmin Jail (watch out for the ghosts!)
4 Porthleven (The Mussel Shoal is amazing – a tiny place but the atmosphere is incredible!)
5 Ask Bernice & Huw how to get to the top of the hill (try not to get lost!)
6 The Golden Lion pub (the staff are so welcoming & the food is amazing!)
Snuggle up by the fire & play Connect Four!