Little Menherion's guestbook

A special place in our hearts

This magical safe haven will always have a special place in our hearts. You both are so welcoming, so kind and so caring, a rarity to find in this world and it will never be taken for granted!

Your attention to every little detail is unbelievable and can never go unnoticed. Kyran is still wondering how the staircase works! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Little M & hopefully we get to experience it along the way!

See you soon!

Places to go:
1 St Michael’s Mount (watch the tides!)
2 Healeys Cider Farm (get a taxi!)
3 Bodmin Jail (watch out for the ghosts!)
4 Porthleven (The Mussel Shoal is amazing – a tiny place but the atmosphere is incredible!)
5 Ask Bernice & Huw how to get to the top of the hill (try not to get lost!)
6 The Golden Lion pub (the staff are so welcoming & the food is amazing!)
Snuggle up by the fire & play Connect Four!

– Kyran & Georgia

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