Little Menherion's guestbook

Childhood memories

Perfect. No distractions of life to stop you from fully switching off. It was so lovely to ‘get back to nature’ and read a book, reminisce, play games, eat simple but delicious food, but most importantly relax and switch off.

Log Jam personally brought back many childhood memories for me, as it reminded me of summer holidays at Ukki’s Mökki (grandads summerhouse) next to the lakes of Finland whilst a teenager.

We have also learnt so much too. I am sure “The Good Life” appeals to many. We are no exception. In an uncertain future, off-grid living may have to become a reality for many. Staying here showed us many ways of living alternative to what we ‘know’.

Enlightenment and spirituality may seem a bit hippy to many, but after a brief stay here, it forcibly reminds us from where we have come… and may yet return.

Many thanks again for this experience, hospitality and human kindness during our stay.

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