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Behold, a story to be told!

Holy shmokes what an awesome place! Here’s our experience in story form:

Once upon a time in a magical woodland far far away, but also in the middle of everywhere, there was a secret little cabin in the woods. Some say it was crafted by the elusive woodland pixies for their famous parties.
Schneebs and Zeebs happened to stumble across the cabin after going round n round for what felt like a long time. Once there they gasped in awe of the detail and intricacies of their magical hideout – which would become their home for the next two days. They lit a fire and made cups of tea before ambling up the roundy roundy staircase to catch some zzzz’s.
In the morning Zeebs woke Schneebs with a start! “Hey! Can you hear that?” As Schneebs stirred and wiped the sleep from her eyes she could hear the not-so-distant sound of running water. Zeebs sprung out of bed and before you could say “pixie” he was out the door and jumping straight into a mystical and roaring wild jacuzzi! Schneebs, not too far behind said “Wait for me!” and jumped straight in after. Wow that was fresh and invigorating!
They tip-toed back to the safety of the cabin and made more delicious tea – yum! They wished they could stay forever but they had more adventures to discover.

– Schneebs & Zeebs (aka Steph & Mark)

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