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Little Menherion (Little M), is a 12 acre smallholding in the heart of West Cornwall, and forms part of a thriving hamlet that is itself called Menherion. “Menherion” comes from the word Menhir which means standing stone.

… found in a glade in the furthest South West corner of the property is our very own standing stone. This field is one of 5 that make up ~ 6 or so acres of fledgling woodland – a mixture of native broadleaf planted back in 2008 by the previous owners. The trees are only now starting to show promise and it really is beginning to feel like a woodland is on its way. There is also an adjacent 2 acre field we call playing field. These 8 acres combine to make up our very own re-wilding project. Other than cutting small paths through to enable both us and guests to meander through and enjoy the wild beauty of it, it is pretty much left to its own devices. We are amazed at how much the biodiversity has increased over the time we have been here.

The whole property is situated on the northerly aspect of Carnmenellis, affectionately known locally as “the mountain”. Carnmenellis (252ft) is one of only five “Marilyn” peaks to be found in Cornwall, and Little M is about 190ft above sea level, on its Northern side. It is divided in two by the lane that services the farms in the hamlet. The main happenings at LittleM take place on the ~4 acres on the northerly side of the lane. This is where the farmhouse is and where we are making the biggest difference as we rejuvenate the property and care for our little piece of Cornish Paradise. It is where the orchards are (old and new); the cottage garden and barns; the workshop and artist studio; the stream and mature woodlands; and where the unique glamping experiences are being built, all set within their own private spaces.

In fact there’s so much space that once you have arrived and settled in you need not see another soul until you leave, but take comfort in the knowledge that Bernice & Huw are likely to be found around the grounds most of the time and will be happy to offer assistance, or recommendations if required.

Little M is less than 10 miles to the coast in three directions but without even getting on your bike or in your car you can take a short 15-20 minute to the top of ‘the mountain’ to a granite slab and on a clear day, soak up the 360 degree view of the fabulous coastline. You might even want to take a flask and picnic with you.  If you are in search of a different type of refreshment, the local pub is about the same distance walk away in the opposite direction with its lovely award winning gardens to sit in in the summer and cosy log fires to huddle around in the winter, serving good food and local cheer.

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