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A last hurrah!

What an amazing little place you have to share with others. You hit the nail on the head when you said… you are in the middle of everywhere. We have enjoyed little days out to see the rugged seascapes and turquoise waves. We wish we could have seen more of what the surrounding area has to offer but we’re very wary of trying to social distance. On that note we are very grateful you allowed us to come. We are sad to be your last guests for the foreseeable future but with a treasure like this I’m sure your business will be booming after.

It’s such an adventure carrying our luggage into the woods. It was funny seeing his face as he tried to work out where his bed was. I do think he thought he might have to sleep in a hammock (now there is an idea… certainly enough trees around to attach it to)

It has been refreshing just to enjoy the peace and quiet, just listening to the stream and the birds. He has enjoyed making us a fire each night to cosy up next to. We even managed to cook a pizza on it. We have left our little mark with a braid around the tree and look forward to seeing it covered next time we stay.

We both wish you and your families stay safe during this time. x

Reasons we love Log Jam 😍

the smell of the wood
waking up to the sound of the birds in the morning
the starry night sky through the trees
log burner cooked apple pie
beers over the campfire
the bright daffodils
the fluffy dogs welcoming us at the gate
the warm toasty fire
the secret bedroom
competitive scrabble evenings
the whistle of the kettle in the morning
the fairytale surroundings
the really good coffee
breakfast on the deck
the sweet sweet slow living vibe
the best bedroom window view

We hope you are happy now as we will not settle until we live in the woods!

Lost for words…

Wow! Just simply wow.

We are seldom lost for words but Log Jam has us almost stumped. Not only are you guys some of the loveliest laidback cool ecologist gems, but Log Jam is truly a slice of heaven.

From the moment we walked in we knew it was going to be magnificent but nothing really prepared us for just how much hidden wonders there are in every nook and cranny. What you have achieved here is incredible and a true inspiration to us both.

Thank you both so very much for your warm welcome and “nothing is a bother” attitude to hosting. Your attention to detail is second to none, making Log Jam splendid, from the personal notes to the hidden corkscrew key.

A perfect blend of high end simplistic living.

I cannot write enough to describe how much we have loved it here, so I shall have to list them:
– peace and quiet
– watching buzzards
– the sound of the beautiful stream
– the pre-ordered sunshine for my birthday
– the log fire, even when getting it wrong
– the kitchen taps – a particular favourite
– perfectly placed electrical – not overwhelming in such a peaceful place
– never a dull moment, even when we just stay in the cabin
– the dogs coming to say happy birthday
– the offcuts of wood wall – not sure how else to describe
– the hidden bedroom
– and of course Angus McCoo

This has been a birthday to remember and will be hard to beat, we will most definitely be back in the future. Thank you

Once upon a time…

This is a story taking place in a land not so different from ours. It all began with three letters. I O U

He woke feeling groggy and confused, as if the past few hours of his life had been lived by proxy, with someone else at the steering wheel of the machine that was his consciousness…

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