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Brady joined the Little M clan just after we moved to Little M in 2013. Back then he was a very nervous two year old rescue German Shepherd. Sadly we said goodbye to him in March 2024 as he went on a solo adventure across the rainbow bridge. He was a very lovable, talkative rogue, who just wanted to play, go on adventures and make sure the pack stuck together… Which are pretty much our priorities too! He was a real big softie, a lovely big guy that really thought he was human. We loved him and know for sure it’s a much quieter place without him. He is and always will be, hugely missed by everyone who has ever had the honour to meet him. So long big fella, and thanks for all the fish.

Tux is also a rescue, and she came to us two years after Brady, from Spain. She is a black Belgium Shepherd and now 12+ years old. We called her Tux because she was pure black when she arrived, with a white front and looked like she had a tuxedo on. Her and Brady were chalk and cheese. She is very cute, a little timid too when she first meets new people but soon warms to you. You may be amused when she suddenly takes off barking at the sky… it’s ok she’s self-appointed in charge of air traffic control here at Little M and loves nothing more than keeping you safe from those pesky flying things in the sky (pigeons, seagulls, jackdaws, you name it…). It was interesting, and tough, when Brady & Tux first met, but after 36 hours you could tell they were going to get on. She desperately misses having a brother to play with, chase around the fields and go on adventures with…

Pan joined us in 2020… He was also rescue and supposedly a 2 year old feral cat. He is the least feral cat on the planet it turns out!!! We spent 3 months training the dogs not to eat him and the next 6 months reminding the dogs he was jaggy!… Tux and Pan tolerate each other most of the time now, but Pan is still jaggy!!! No one knew this more than Brady who had a bloody nose on quite a few occasions. We are sure Pan actually thinks he is a dog, as he insists on coming on patrol (walks through the fields) with us all. No matter the weather, although he prefers a piggy-back when its a bit wet…

Don’t take our word for it, come and meet them for yourself! We have had so many people over the years tell us horror stories about being bitten as a child and then 10 mins after meeting ours, they want to take them home. You’re more likely to leave with a Pan-injury! But that said if you are nervous around dogs this can easily be accommodated as the guest areas can easily be kept dog free.

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