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Friday I’m In Love – What a Cure!

Absolutely fantastic few days here. Completely in love with Log Jam, it feels as though everything has been thought of, from home comforts to storage space, to making it as cosy as is possible. Thank you Bernice & Huw

Also love the views from the cabin & surrounding area – so beautiful and peaceful. We’ll be telling everyone we know about this perfect little retreat! Thank you!

A small reminder

What a lovely cabin. I can’t describe how much I love it here! To be able to escape to this lovely hideout has been so refreshing. It’s been invaluable to just slow down, unwind and appreciate the small things. It’s far to easy to get bogged down & distracted in our day to day lives, and to often forget the important things. The time spent here has helped us remember those.

The cabin has been planned out & built to perfection. Thank you Bernice & Huw, Tux & Brady!

Wild times

What more can we say… We hope that coming back for a 3rd stay tells you just how special this place in the middle of everywhere has become to us.

Thank you for all the fun, joy and rest that you provide us with at Log Jam. We have left you a little contribution to the library and hope you (and your guests) enjoy it.

Now that adventure calls us northwards this might be our last stay, but you never know…

The secret 🤫

We have enjoyed our visit so much! From the wild jacuzzi to the secluded secret bedroom, our stay has been so calming and relaxing – so much so, we have begun planning our own home to reflect the atmosphere here at Log Jam!

We are so excited to come back!!! Thank you Bernice & Huw 😊

Leaving different people

We are leaving different people to who arrived 7 days ago. Flustered and weary from travel, the last week has renewed our souls and given us the perfect mindset to head into the New Year.

Thank you H & B, what a pleasure. Will be back in the summer to get J back in the jacuzzi

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