Little M is in the middle of an area of Outstanding Landscape Value, and on the edge of a World Heritage site (mining). Situated ~190m above sea level in the middle of West Cornwall it is nearly at the end of the world 😳😬. Neighbouring farmland is home to dairy and highland cattle (just to help Bernice feel at home). 

There is also an abundance of flora and fauna to enjoy, and books to hand to help you identify them. From wildflowers, mosses, grasses and fungi; to bees, butterflies and dragonflies; not to mention wild animals and birds… 

As far as spotting the wildlife is concerned a little patience will most likely pay dividends. There are deer (including Red Deer), badgers, foxes, rabbits, shrews, stoats, weasels, moles, lizards, newts, frogs, toads, and even hedgehogs living in and around Little M – and they are only the ones that have been identified. If they are proving elusive, you can put your tracking skills to good use as there are a multitude of tracks and other visible signs to investigate or follow 🧐 (There’s some books on the bookshelf that can help out here too).

badger 2

Looking skywards you will be spoilt even more (seasonal variation dependant) as there are too many species to give a comprehensive list here but to give you an idea… We’ve seen and/or heard tawny and barn owls, cuckoos, buzzards, woodpeckers, starlings, curlew, jays, swallows, lots of tits, finches and wagtails. In fact if bird watching is your thing, the area is so well loved by wildlife in the sky that there are multiple hides down by the nearby reservoir (one of which is adjacent to the pub) that you can take advantage of. 

baby swallows learning to fly