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Can I Stay for one night?

The minimum suggested stay in any cabin is 3 nights. Partly because of the enormous effort involved in cleaning and setting up for each new guest, but most importantly – we really think you need at least that to really appreciate the cabin, the surroundings and allow yourself the time to slow down and relax. If you cannot find time for a 3 night stay, there is the possibility of a 2 night weekend but this is priced at a premium.

Can I bring my pet?

We love dogs and would ideally like to welcome yours to Little M, but sadly we have to say no. There are a number of reasons for this:

We have rescue dogs (and cat) here who are great with people and love meeting our guests, but are very anxious when they meet other dogs – of any shape or size. 

We are surrounded by farm land and various animals – donkeys, cows, llamas, chickens etc… and we just don’t want to worry our neighbours with the potential of visiting dogs worrying their livelihood

Not all guests are animal lovers and some have acute allergies and while we do everything we can to ensure the cabins are clean, gleaming and free from pet hair, it is another dimension we don’t need to add to the mix

I’m not comfortable with dogs, especially big ones like yours… but I love your cabins and want to come and stay. Help!

The dogs (and the cat) love meeting guests, but also have a sixth sense somehow when guests feel unsure about meeting them. The most they will do is excitedly bark on your arrival (to let us know you are here), and then once you’ve got out of your car come and say hello (sniff you, no jumping up!) and then go and lie down – unless you engage with them. That said, we know how daunting it can be as they are not small, so we could put them in the house if you prefer, and do intro’s when you’ve settled in. But it would be best to meet them early doors so they know who you are and that you’re meant to be here 🤪
You are unlikely to meet them unexpectedly at your cabin as they are like our shadows (have you seen “His Dark Materials”? they are like our daemons) and don’t go anywhere without us as a rule, so nothing to worry about here. The time you might meet them unexpectedly is on your route to and from the car or arriving back from a day out, but more often than not they ignore the guests once they’ve met them and can’t be bothered getting up! This can all be managed to suit how you feel.

Can I Stay on my own?

Absolutely! Both cabins are set up for ‘up to 2 guests’ Solo travellers are most welcome, and in fact the cabins are perfect for you to relax and unwind be it for a romantic break or quiet solitude.

You say you have a bumpy lane, do I need to do some off-road rally training first?

Your Little Menherion adventure starts here… as we are situated 1/2 mile up an unmade track. This is an stoney farm track with a grass centre. It is a bridleway and shared by 5 other properties – two being farms. It can be a bit bumpy and muddy especially after heavy rain loosens the stones and make it pretty uneven. That said although we mainly drive land rovers, we have a Mini Cooper that does the journey ok. As long as you go slow, like <5 mph you shouldn’t do your vehicle any damage.
This is why we say “… drive very slowly and carefully – if you mistakenly brought your sports car… This is the start of your move over to the slow lane!” … because you really do need to chill and let the day drift by.
We couldn’t exactly claim to be in the middle of everywhere, in rural Cornwall and have a motorway to the door! We do maintenance on it each year, but it’s complicated as no one owns it, everyone uses it and there are restrictions on what you can/can’t do with it as it’s a bridleway… so, we have learnt to embrace it and add it to the charm of Little M. We hope you will too.
Best advice – drive slowly, on the left on the way up, and on the right on the way down. See these short videos of the dogs on the lane, they’ll give you an idea: lane 1 and lane 2.

Is the wild jacuzzi heated?

The clue is in the title… it’s wild. Only tamed by Mother Nature herself. She fills it, empties it, regulates the flow with rainfall, and determines the temperature via the sunshine she throws on it.

I want to book a stay at your cabin as a surprise for my partner, what can you do to make it special?

We are pretty sure the magic of the cabin itself will be an awesome surprise, and your partner will be blown away! That said we are more than happy to help with any little extras you might want to arrange in advance, so do ask.

Do I need cash for the Wee Shop and when is it open ?

Little M’s Wee Honesty Shop will be open throughout your stay and in your welcome pack (sent to you approx a week before your stay) we send you a shop stock list so you know what kind of things we sell and how much they cost. This is run as a service, as we are in the middle of everywhere, and in no way set up to rip you off. For example you can pre-order fresh bread prior to arrival or anytime during your stay, which is made to order. Or (in season) fresh fruit/veg from our no-dig organic garden. There is no need to pay until the end of your stay and you can do this by BACS or cash.

Should I be worried about the compost loo, and does it smell?

No don’t worry, it is really easy to use and as long as you follow our simple instructions, the only smell will be lovely fresh sawdust. Our set up follows the ethos laid down by a guy called Joseph Jenkins in his book called Humanure. You’ll find a copy by the loo that you can read should you be interested… it’s really fascinating! We have tried to answer some questions you might have here.

Can we bring children?

The cabins are designed and built for grown-ups. A place for you to find your inner child, reconnect with nature and unwind. This is why we have a strict over 18’s policy. Take the opportunity to give the children some quality time with other family members while you come and recharge your batteries.

Can I smoke around the campfire?

Smoking is not permitted inside any cabin, on the deck areas, around the campfires or indeed anywhere on site. This includes non-tobacco and vaping products. The cabins are made almost entirely of wood, as in fact are most of the buildings at Little M. To be honest we really don’t like it either and rather than run the risk of having to remove stale (cigarette or vape) odours from the cabins for future guests; clean up cigarette butts around the campfires/site; or worst case scenario have an unwanted fire to put out, we ask our guests to refrain from any form of smoking whilst on site.

Are there any mobility challenges at Little M?

When you park your car it’s about a 200-250m walk to your space. You’ll find a wheelbarrow at your parking space to transport your belongings, should you need it. This is yours for the duration of your stay, so you can make as many trips as you want. It is a grassy downhill amble on the way there, and uphill on the way back. If it is has been raining heavily, it can get a bit soggy/muddy so you should bring appropriate footwear.
The beds in both Log Jam and Round n Round are elevated off the floor. Log Jam has a kingsize cabin bed about 1m up and it is accessed by box steps to one side. Round n Round has a kingsize bed on a mezzanine about 2m up, and it is accessed via spiral staircase into the vaulted ceiling, and therefore has restricted headroom. The mezzanine has log & rope railings around the sides and the max height (into the dome window light) is about 1.85m.

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