Covid 19

Covid has had a massive impact on so many of us and even though Little M is hidden away in the middle of everywhere Cornwall, we are no exception. Log Jam was closed to guests from 21st March until 6th July (having just opened for business in January 2020) as it became clear we should not encourage people to travel as the virus took hold. We then tentatively re-opened, receiving our first post lockdown guests on 6th July and once we were comfortable we opened up fully and had a great summer, welcoming lots of amazing guests.

We were both excited and nervous in equal measure but, as we believe Log Jam is the perfect antidote to all the madness that the virus has inflicted on everyone. It is the perfect wildcation! We are committed to  making sure you – our guests – get the awesome stay you desperately need and deserve.

Since then England has endured a second lockdown, for which we had a lot of disappointed guests, but thankfully it was short lived, the guests were able to move their bookings with ease and now with a vaccine in sight we hope we can remain open going into the new year.

The new Tiering system and the chasm between the rules around the UK is making it entertaining to say the least… At present we can welcome guests from English Tier 1 and 2. Scotland, Wales and NI are advising against any unnecessary travel to reduce spreading the virus further. We will continue to read and act on advice as it is given and ask you, our prospective guests, also to adhere to the advice and rules relevant to the tiering they find themselves in. If sadly this means moving your booking be rest assured Log Jam will be here, waiting for you, when it is safe and advisable to travel and enjoy the rest and recuperation you are longing for.

We carefully monitor Government and industry advice to help inform our thinking regarding changes we should make to the Log Jam experience going forward so that guests, the local community and ourselves are kept as safe as possible.

Some of the changes we have made include:

1. Following government cleaning advice.

We prided ourselves on the cleanliness of the cabin before all this kicked-off, but be assured we have re-doubled our efforts to make sure any risk of virus transmission is minimised. In order to attain this goal – stress free – during changeovers, we are delaying check-in until 5.30pm.  We think you’d still like a lazy start to your last day, so check out is 10.00am.

2. Enable you to self-check-in and maintain social distancing during your stay.

One of the loveliest aspects of going into this business and inviting strangers to come and stay and experience what we have to offer, is being able to connect with the amazing people who choose to stay here, knowing that when they leave they are likely to be strangers no more.

However, in this new “Normal” we find ourselves in and with an emphasis on safety first, to avoid the spread of this deadly virus, we have put in place a means for guests to arrive and find the cabin without being guided by us.

We, together with Brady & Tux, would still love to meet everyone on arrival and will be on hand to help with any problems during your stay, at a safe distance of course.

3. Allow you to practice good hygiene throughout your stay:

  • We have set-up a hand wash station on the walk from the car park to the cabin, please use this when arriving/returning on site
  • We have provided plenty of handwash at the cabin both in the kitchen and the shower room
  • Cleaning materials are readily available so you can maintain the cleanliness of the cabin during your stay

4. Provisioning

As Little M is in the middle of everywhere but close to nowhere, we offered a pre-provisioning service before Lockdown. It was a personal touch that we felt could ensure you could relax from the moment you arrived. 

Instead, we are experimenting with a new on-site honesty shop in which we will still stock essentials, some local produce but more importantly give you access to our organically grown fresh fruit and vegetables, grown right here in Little M’s very own Food Garden, all of which you can pre-order and pick-up on the way to the cabin.

Stay safe, wild and happy

Little M