Log Jam

  • Log Jam interior view
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From the moment you leave the main road your adventure begins. The half mile of unmade track leading to Little M isn’t for the faint hearted nor ideal for that lovely sportscar you have! This is the first nudge to move you over onto the slow lane as that’s the only way to traverse this well worn path. Arriving just after you gave up hope you ever would, you’ll be glad you made the effort. Having parked up, it’s only a short walk, but a beautiful one, down a nature-rich grass lane. The thick soft grass blanket underfoot, towering Cornish hedge on one side heavily laden with lichen and mosses all the year round (a haven for birds, bees and butterflies) and a view of the meadow and surrounding countryside on the other. How could this not set the tone for your relaxing stay? 

Mosses on the lane
The moss and lichen in all their glory on the Cornish hedge

Don’t fall asleep just yet though as you still have to get past the trolls and cross the stream via the ancient clapper bridge to reach the cabin nestled in your own private piece of woodland.  The magic of the piskies is sure to be drawing you ever closer and from the moment you clamber up on the deck you will certainly feel like you are in a magical world all of your own. It may look like a series of cabins with it’s grandness and modular appearance, but it really is just one luxury cabin and it’s all yours for the duration of your stay!

Log Jam Bridge view
This is a view of Log Jam looking from the edge of the Clapper bridge

Log Jam is warm and cosy in the winter and cool and calming in the summer, ensuring you have a restful and luxurious stay no matter the season. It delivers more than a casual nod to the local Cornish mining heritage –  being built using raw materials such as wriggly-tin, slate, copper, locally sourced wood and lit romantically with old miners lamps.

The bed
The luxury elevated kingsize bed

The cabin is the furthest away from the house it could be, tucked away in the woods on the other side of the stream. It is based on a writers cabin. Writers get writers block when they can’t generate ideas, they experience a blockage, a jam…  and the cabin is made of wood or Logs, so “Log Jam” came into being, it made perfect sense at the time, but maybe loses a bit in the explanation. We hope, that in fact, any budding writers who choose to stay here will soak up the gorgeous natural setting and in fact be so full of ideas and stories that it will not live up to its name in the slightest! We like to think everyone has a creative genius inside them, and hope that staying at Log Jam will enable each and everyone the chance to set this free.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.– Pablo Picasso

You can sit at the handmade breakfast bar and while away the hours writing at the old typewriter, anything from a short story to the next best seller or enjoy a good read from the well-stocked bookcase whilst perched on the window seat admiring the woodland view. If neither of these appeal, why not just curl up on the sofa with a blanket and watch the stove burning as the trees sway outside in the sky above.

breakfast bar
Breakfast fresh from wood burner oven – nice 😋
1934 Imperial Companion – typewriter

For cooking, you have a choice of creating a masterpiece on the induction hob provided in the bespoke handcrafted kitchen, choosing your menu from one of the lovely cookbooks provided, or using the cute little oven incorporated into the wood burning stove – ideal for pizzas, jacket potatoes, croissants or that amazing Cornish pasty you came all this way to sample. If indoor cooking isn’t Bear Grylls enough for you, why not venture outside to your own private firepit just off the deck and cook on the grill or Dutch oven and watch the sun go down, glass in hand.

Wood burner
The woodturner and wee oven inside Log Jam

The hardest thing you will need to do (other than make a coffee or crack open the fizz to celebrate arriving safely) is find your bed! It’s not straight forward but you’ll know you’ve located the secret door when the lock clicks and it creeks open before you. Throwing caution to the wind, you fumble your way through what appears to be a wardrobe, you’ll surely begin to wonder if you are, in fact, entering Narnia!  But there’s no snow or lamp post here, instead you find yourself in a beautiful space, lit with miners lamps and clad in the richest of woods glowing in the atmospheric light; you could just as easily be down a local mine. These thoughts quickly dissipate though, as you realise you have before you a well-made burrow, a luxurious cosy elevated king size bed, dressed to impress, set adjacent to yet another picture window that’s framing the sunset view just for you.

The bed
A room with a view

This is where we exit stage left and leave you to enjoy all the charm Log Jam has to offer and allow you to relax on the sofa or perch on the window seat and gaze out through one of the huge picture windows to your glade, the river and the wild life pond beyond – perfect! Especially if you are holding a cup of Cornish tea,  a Yallah coffee or glass of fizz…

Log Jam interior view
… and relax

This is a glamping experience, so your stay should be as glamorous as possible, whilst retaining the connection to the wild around you. And what could be wilder than having to go outside to use the facilities?! Don’t worry though it is just a hop, skip and a jump over the deck to the outhouse. It’s warm, its cosy, there’s a towel rail with lovely warm towels and a selection of environmentally friendly toiletries to ensure you can enjoy a relaxing hot shower… Oh and did anyone mention Mr McCoo? 👀 Well he’s the resident wee timorous beastie and he’ll keep you right when it comes to compost loo etiquette… He’s left you a wee poem 😜

The Wee timorous beastie – Angus McCoo

Log Jam is a unique place to stay, by its very placement and design it is an awesome retreat, a place to get away, relax and unwind. It is not suitable for children or pets.