What is a wildcation?

cottage garden

Press reset and get inspired
Little Menherion offers escapes with a difference 
For couples with an adventurous spirit
Local yet remote
Cut-off yet connected
In the middle of everywhere, Cornwall
With sustainability at her heart
A wildcation 


1. an adventurous time spent getting close to and learning about nature
2. time spent at a cosy cabin in the woods watching the wildlife go by and cooking on an open fire, breathing the air and just relaxing

Choose a wildcation date:

Log Jam

A writers escape, hidden away in the woods. Mystery Inc. would be proud – can you find the bedroom?

Completed in December 2019. We opened at the beginning of 2020. Log Jam provides a space to hide away and recharge the batteries.

Round n Round

A wooden roundhouse.You might feel dizzy after a stay here, but only because of the magic spell Round n Round casts on you.

Completed in July 2021 in the middle of a pandemic, it’s definitely the best place for some RnR.

Flash & Gordon

A 1963 AirStream Tradewind – undergoing a Little M transformation.

Think time travel. Think steam punk. We’re excited about our plans and hope to share more soon…

PS We have a lovely site earmarked for them

Our Plan is to create …

… four unique places to stay at Little M, each one an experiment in using natural and/or up-cycled materials and on how best to construct year ’round capable living spaces that connect guests with the countryside whilst minimising their environmental impact. Log Jam was built with the help of volunteers. Round n Round was built in collaboration with Wild Space Carpentry and we will be renovating Flash and building Gordon ourselves. Your guess is as good as ours about how the 4th one will turn out.

Each space will be unique and will have its own space of around 1/2 acre – a lovely tranquil space designed with couples in mind. Each a magical experience, with a luxurious kingsize bed, private facilities and an outdoor space for cooking and relaxing in. 

For now we have Log Jam and Round n Round. We hope Flash & Gordon will be ready in Spring 2022.

From the moment you leave the main road your adventure begins. The half mile of unmade track leading to Little M isn’t for the faint hearted nor ideal for that lovely sports car you have! Maybe leave it at home… This is the first nudge to move you over onto the slow lane as that’s the only way to traverse this well worn path. Arriving just after you gave up hope you ever would, you’ll be glad you made the effort. Having parked up, it’s only a short walk, but a beautiful one, down a nature-rich grass lane. The thick soft grass blanket underfoot, towering Cornish hedge on one side heavily laden with lichen and mosses all the year round (a haven for birds, bees and butterflies) and a view of the meadow and surrounding countryside on the other. How could this not set the tone for your relaxing stay?